What is Cloning? Screen-shot-2012-01-05-at-3.23.15-PM-1

Cloning is the act of asexually propagating a “mother plant” to create new clones with identical DNA. This is a very popular process, considering most bananas, apples, and grapes we eat today are all clones from the same mother! 


How Do I Make A Clone? 

Cloning may sound like a difficult scientific process, but it’s really quite simple!how-to-make-plant-cuttings

  1. First, identify the mother plant you are going to clone
  2. Flush the mother plant of all nutrients at least 3 days prior to cutting
  3. Using a scalpel, gently remove a stem at a 45 degree angle close to the nodes on your plant
  4. Quickly smear a rooting gel on the exposed stem of the clone and immediately place into the desired growing media. If you’re taking multiple cuttings, prepare ahead of time and have cups of water available to temporarily hold your cuttings in until the final transfer. When doing this, it is recommended to make a new incision on the clone and reapply the cloning gel for maximum efficiency
  5. Gently spray with water and feed a rooting compound until large enough to transplant


To create a successful clone there are several more helpful tips to go by:

  • Always use clean sharp utensils that have been sterilized in alcohol
  • Always use a healthy mother plant. Cuttings taken from a sick or dying plant are doomed to fail
  • Rooting hormones help roots develop; but too much is worse than none at all
  • Use a rooting hormone that contains a fungicide to help prevent plant diseases further down the road
  • The rooting medium (growing media) should be light and fast draining
  • Sterilize the pots or containers for the new plants. They must be clean and free of old soil and plant material
  •  Use very small containers when you propagate to prevent over watering and help with root development
  • If possible, use a soil based growing media rather than water to propagate clones (such as Rapid Rooters)
  • If propagating in water (like a cloning machine), keep older clones and newer clones separated; if you try to place new cuttings into a cloning machine with other clones already established, THEY WILL NOT GROW! The new cuttings will NOT root at all unless in a completely sterilized and secluded environment
  • Indirect light and consistent temperatures between 70-80 degrees are best for successful cloning
  • Never allow the soil of new clones to dry out, but on the other hand never let the soil get too soggy either! Try to keep it lightly dampened at all times
  • To increase humidity and keep the soil from drying out in the first place, create a greenhouse effect with clear plastic domes over the plants


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