Yes, the rumors are true! CT Home Grown stocks a wide variety of top-of-the-line mini split systems for the best price around! Any size, any model, any brand; and if we don’t already have it in the store we’ll special order it just for you! 

So here’s the big question: why spend money on a new mini split when you already have heaters and air conditioners in your home? Well, for one, mini split systems introduce a new room by room temperature control system; where you can have every room in the house (especially the grow room!) heated and cooled to the perfect temperature without affecting the rest of the home. Essentially, this puts your grow room in its own controlled environment where the conditions are always perfect for each stage of plant growth; something that window air conditioners and stand-up heaters could never provide. These systems are minimally disruptive in the growing environment as well, meaning they leave the air perfectly in tact without extracting and filtering out all of the precious carbon dioxide that plants rely on. For those who utilize CO2 injections in their grow rooms, rejoice! And don’t forget the best part: these units are so easy to install that there is NO NEED for an HVAC technician at all! Any homeowner can install this system right into their house, and it STILL comes with a 5 year warranty. Why wait? The sooner you find the perfect mini split for your home and gardens, the sooner you’ll be able to toss those old window A/C units and heaters right out!

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